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Like in any industry, technology is rapidly changing the way we do business. Same goes for the Ag industry! Your day is busy enough, let technology take some of that burden.

Installing hardware and sensors in your fields will deliver useful data right to your fingertips. Our software platform gives you a Macro look at your operation and allows you to dive in deeper when needed.

Farming will always need a “boots on the ground” approach, let technology pin point exactly where you need to be.

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Ranch Hand Tech Services

3 Key Features to AgTech


Remotely monitor and track sensors on your ranch! From flows and pressures at your pump station to soil moisture sensors in your field.


Control your entire irrigation system from the palm of your hand. Control your pump or expand to full field and valve automation.


Our experienced Ag Technology team will research the perfect solution for your operation, professionally install and support you after your purchase.

Ranch Hand Monitoring

Sensors in your field give you eyes when you are not around.  Landmark Irrigation offers a wide variety of sensors and hardware providers and our experienced Ag Tech team will help you select the best solution to fit your needs.  

Soil Moisture

Stop pushing water and valuable resources past your rootzone!
Soil Moisture Screenshot- Landmark Irrigation

Weather Stations

Track important weather related data such as chill hours and pest models.
Weather Monitoring- Landmark Irrigation

Pump Monitoring

Monitor everything going on at your pump station! Flow, PSI and more.
Pump Monitoring- Landmark Irrigation

Level Sensing

Keep an eye on tank levels or reservoir levels remotely.
Reservoir Monitoring- Landmark Irrigation

Your Virtual Irrigator

Completely automate your irrigation system from the palm of your hand.  Landmark Irrigation offers a wide variety of sensors and hardware providers. Our experienced Ag Tech team will help you select the best solution to fit your needs.  

Pump Control

Never miss an off peak window again, control your pumps from anywhere.
Pump Control Snapshot- Landmark Irrigation

Valve Control

Automate in field vales along with your pumps for full system automation.
Valve Control Snapshot- Landmark Irrigation

Your Agtech Partner

Managing your agtech systems can be a full time job.  At Landmark Irrigation we assist with these tasks by keeping an eye on sites for you and responding to any issues we see.  We also work together with you to ensure your data is actionable and not overwhelming.

Account Manager

You are not just a number, we work with you to make the most of your data.

On Call Support

Your personal account manager is one call away to answer your questions.

Annual Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance to keep your sites up and running.

Custom Solutions

Our experienced team creates a totally custom solution to fit your needs.


Let's Grow Together!

Landmark Irrigation is a PREMIUM ag irrigation dealer.  Reach out now to get a quote.

Let's Grow Together!

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Let's Grow Together!

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